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Easy Paint By Numbers

Colorful Cat Paint by Numbers Kit

Kit Includes: Premium Printed Canvas, Pre-Mixed Paint Colors, Brush, and Reference Sheet. Frames pictured are for illustration purposes and are not included.

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All our paint by number kits are made by us in the USA. Your order will be processed within 3 business days of receipt. Currently we are not able to ship outside the United States. Shipping times vary between 1-2 weeks.

Kits do not include frames: Framing Tips

A frame is not included with your kit. Your rolled canvas is ready-to-frame after you paint it. There are many ready-made frame options available from major craft retailers.

Colorful Cat Paint by Numbers Kit
Colorful Cat Paint by Numbers Kit
Colorful Cat Paint by Numbers Kit
Colorful Cat Paint by Numbers Kit

Why Buy From Us?

  • Made in the USA

    We are women-owned and we make everything by hand here in the USA

  • High Quality Printed Canvas

    Our canvas comes pre-printed with large numbers and a light preview of the design

  • Hand Mixed Paints

    We mix our paints in-house for color accuracy and paint freshness

  • Exclusive Artist Designs

    Our Exclusive designs are created just for us, by real artists and photographers

"Art should be something that liberates your soul."

Keith Haring

Q & A

What's included?

1 premium rolled pre-printed canvas

1 reference sheet

1 set of pre-mixed paints

1 brush

Is it really easy?

Yes! You will be surprised at how amazing your painting will turn out! Paint by number is surprisingly forgiving to going outside the lines or making "mistakes" so just relax and create your beautiful painting!

I have more questions...

Visit our handy FAQs page for more information about shipping, products, and more!



How To Paint By Number

  • Step 1: Match to Paint to the Canvas Numbers

  • Step 2: Start Filling in the Lines with Paint

  • Step 3: Admire your Masterpiece

Lay your painting on an easel or flat surface, and get out your brushes and a cup of water. Your canvas has a bunch of lines on it with numbers inside. Simply locate a number on the canvas and find the corresponding number on the plastic pot, then open that pot and dip your brush in the paint.

Paint between the lines with the color that corresponds to the number on the canvas. You can start at the top and work down (if you start at the bottom and work up, you can smudge your paint, so always work top to bottom), changing colors to fill in one section or you can fill in all of the areas with one color before moving on to the next. Once the paint dries, you may need to add a second coat.

Once all of the areas are filled in, add whatever detail you like, blend areas that you want to blend, and add any extra texture or paint to touch up any areas that may need it. Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.