Easy Paint By Numbers

Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Paint by Numbers, a.k.a. PBN or numbered painting is a creative hobby that involves a pre-drawn canvas sketch, paintbrushes, and small acrylic paint’s pots. The drawn sketch is numbered, and each number links to color, while each pot of acrylic paint provided corresponds to the drawing’s number. Most...

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How to frame a paint by numbers

Anyone starting to paint almost always uses a paint by numbers kit. Paint by number kits have areas marked with slightly visible numbers; this makes it very easy for anyone to start painting complex images, most people have no idea where to start painting, because of which they...

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History of Paint by Numbers

Art can be fascinating – both to look at, and to create. Seeing a myriad of different colors melting into each other seamlessly to create a visual masterpiece can be a very rewarding experience, but creating art can be a whole different story. No matter how long it...

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Paint By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Painting is undoubtedly a fun activity that comes with a dose of relaxation. Moreover, it helps you to explore an artist in yourself, especially when you use paint by numbers kits. Using these kits, you can paint artwork of the world’s renowned artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and...

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