Easy Paint By Numbers

Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Paint by Numbers, a.k.a. PBN or numbered painting is a creative hobby that involves a pre-drawn canvas sketch, paintbrushes, and small acrylic paint’s pots. Paint by number kit is suitable for everyone from beginner to hobby artist. The benefits of paint by number for adults and children.

How to frame a paint by numbers

The first thing that would come to anyone’s mind about framing a paint by numbers canvas would be to do it before or after completing your masterpiece. This can turn out to be a very confusing question at times, as no one would want their painting to be ruined because of this.

History of Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers is the brainchild of Dan Robbins, an employee of Palmer Paint Co., who was inspired by the way that Leonardo da Vinci used to teach painting methods to novices. More importantly, however, Paint by Numbers was born due to Dan Robbins’ desire to make painting and art more accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

Paint By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Painting is undoubtedly a fun activity that comes with a dose of relaxation. Moreover, it helps you to explore an artist in yourself, especially when you use paint by numbers kits.