Easy Paint By Numbers

Introducing Paint By Number Mural Kits!!

We’re so excited to announce our new product line—Paint By Number Mural Kits! I didn’t even know PBN murals were a thing until I stumbled across a video on YouTube. This couple painted a beautiful PBN mural on their wall, and I immediately knew I had to do that...

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Meet the New Owners!

My sister-in-law and I are huge paint by numbers fans. She (Lauren) is a photographer, graphic designer, and extremely talented painter. Lauren has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body, although I can also snap a decent photograph. But even with our...

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Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Some people may assume that Paint by Numbers, or numbered painting, is just a step up from children’s finger painting. Not so! Today, Paint by Numbers kits provide adults and kids alike a fun hobby, a creative outlet, and a way to decorate your home at a fraction...

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How to Frame a Paint by Numbers

If you're a paint by numbers fan, then you've probably bought one without stretcher bars. The stretcher bars make up that rigid frame inside the canvas (as opposed to the one that you put the canvas in when you're ready to hang it on the wall, if you are so...

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Paint By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Painting is undoubtedly a fun activity that comes with a dose of relaxation. Moreover, it helps you to explore an artist in yourself, especially when you use paint by numbers kits. Using these kits, you can paint artwork of the world’s renowned artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and...

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