Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Some people may assume that Paint by Numbers, or numbered painting, is just a step up from children’s finger painting. Not so! Today, Paint by Numbers kits provide adults and kids alike a fun hobby, a creative outlet, and a way to decorate your home at a fraction of the cost of completed paintings.


So what is Paint by Numbers? Frequently referred to as PBN, Paint by Numbers involves a canvas with a pre-drawn sketch, paintbrushes, and small acrylic paint pots. The sketch is numbered and each number corresponds to one of the acrylic paint pots, which are also numbered. The concept is simple, and therefore, a lot of people think PBN, as an art form, is simplistic.


However, like many other hobbies, PBN kits come in a range of difficulties from beginner to expert. In addition, working with PBN has several benefits aside from giving you a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. Consider the famous artist Van Gogh. Van Gogh produced 2,100 works of stunning art in his career. Despite this, Van Gogh occupied a lot of his time by copying existing artwork. In doing so, he was able to practice his technique.


In the same way, working with PBNs can help you understand the use of color, shadows, and perspective. It can help you perfect your brushstrokes and, as you gain confidence, you can blend the colors and add details to make the painting your own.


Not to sound like a corny informercial…but there’s more. There are some other benefits, over and above practicing artistic techniques. For instance:


 Benefits of painting by numbers


Any hobby can help you reduce stress.


Creative activities of all kinds reduce stress. After a day filled with co-workers, bosses, customer complaints, problems, and deadlines, any activity that will allow you unplug and do something fun is good. PBNs are especially good for stress if you have less experience painting, because you don’t have the added stress of trying to get it just right when you’re not quite sure how. PBNs leave you free to enjoy the process.


 Benefits of paint by numbers


PBNs teach patience.


In a fast-paced world, it seems like everything is about instant gratification. Next day shipping. Binge watching. eReaders instead of paperbacks. We move fast just so we can get to the next thing. Want something that will force you to slow down and take your time? Try an expert level PBN. I’ve been working on one for over a month, and I’m still only 2/3 done. They say delayed gratification means you’re investing in your future happiness. I agree. I’m going to be so proud of that thing when I’m done! Nothing teaches patience like making yourself wait for something.




Encourages creativity.


Some artists start with PBNs and then move on to other mediums as their talents grow. On the other hand, I personally know of talented artists that love to work with PBNs in between paintings. Personally, I love PBNs, traditional painting, diamond art, cross stitch and latch hook. Creative projects tend to breed more creative projects as you discover how much fun immersing yourself in arts and crafts can be.


Paint by Numbers develops imagination.


Customize that PBN! You can express your own taste by changing up the colors, adding details like birds or other animals, and blending the paints to make a painting that is uniquely you.


 DIY Paint by numbers benefits


PBN makes art accessible to everyone.


Many people would love to create their own masterpiece to hang in their living room but feel they’d never be able to create anything they could be proud of. With a PBN, you can! There are hundreds of beautiful designs that you can turn into your own beautiful work of art. And if it’s not perfect, that’s okay. A little more paint can fix any imperfections you may end up with.

And what about your kids? Paint by Numbers have benefits for them, too.


PBNs help children with motor skills and enhances development.

Drawing, painting, and coloring are motor activities. For your child, holding a pencil or tracing a figure on a sheet of paper increases coordination. In the same way, a child develops valuable skills by learning to select the right color, recognize the numbers, paint within the lines, and hold the paint brush. PBNs help advance a number of creative and practical skills that children need.



PBNs increase productivity.

There are a lot of entertainment options available to children, and some are better for them than others. While video games and television have their place, encouraging children to engage in arts and crafts gives them time away from electronics. Plus, a PBN is something you can do with your child (or your whole family), since there are a variety of difficulties that will allow you to select paintings that suit each of your skill levels.




Painting is a fun and creative hobby that provides a lot of benefits for you and your family, no matter what your skill level. With the variety of prints available, you’re sure to find one that you love! So grab your paintbrush, pull up a chair, and prepare for hours of relaxing enjoyment. And when you’re done, leave us a review and post a picture. We’d love to see your masterpiece!