Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Paint by Numbers, a.k.a. PBN or numbered painting is a creative hobby that involves a pre-drawn canvas sketch, paintbrushes, and small acrylic paint’s pots. The drawn sketch is numbered, and each number links to color, while each pot of acrylic paint provided corresponds to the drawing’s number. Most people consider this art form to be simplistic; it has several benefits. It lets you be perfect with brushwork and use of colors like the world’s famous artist Van Gogh who was terrible with a brush in his early days but he taught himself by painting some pre-existing artworks and copying the artworks of his time. Copying the artwork of others allows him to be impeccable with his brushwork, and he created about 2100 artworks in his short career. This is what exactly PBN helps all of us with and benefits as described by users who have used it to create an unending list of experiences. Here we will discuss some benefits of using paint by number kitSo here we go!

 Benefits of painting by numbers

Benefits of using Paint by numbers:

Paint by number kit is suitable for everyone from beginner to hobby artist. The benefits of paint by number for adults and children are given below:

Benefits of paint by numbers for Adults

Anti- Stress

You won’t believe if we tell you that painting influences our mental and physical health and standard of living. But it is true because one of the immediate and significant benefits that we derive from it is undoubtedly its action against anxiety and stress. Emotions are free to express themselves by a preferential means that does not have the possibility of bumping into others or being taken the wrong way. According to studies, if you perform a creative activity like painting for 45 minutes, it can significantly reduce stress. If you are following paint by numbers process, then it is even better because you take away the pressure of not being able to create a masterpiece as you have a helping hand. 

 Benefits of paint by numbers

Teaches Tolerance and Patience

Nowadays, it feels like everything we do is mad haste. We always try to get somewhere in a rush and want to make a list of jobs as quickly as we can to move onto the other thing. If you need to slow down and want to escape from this hustle and train yourself to be more patient, paint by numbers is the best way to go. This is a disciplined and slow process that needs you to think about what you are doing and take some time to do it right. It’s not only slowing down your mind, letting you feel calm, but also showing you what tolerance and patience can result in.

Painting is a therapy

According to psychotherapists, art can help patients with psychological problems because the art in all its expression fees the individuality of a person. You can resort to the art of painting by the paint by numbers to resolve communication problems, conflicts, difficulty to express, and other psychological issues.

 DIY Paint by numbers benifits

Emotional Intelligence  

Emotions are an integral part of creativity. Using the paint by number kits, you can let your emotions flow and experience inner peace, love, joy, and empathy. The feeling of relaxation attained with painting helps to achieve a harmonious balance between your heart and mind.

Increased hand-eye coordination

PBN also maximizes the hand-eye coordinationwhich is most important because it may enhance athleticism, agility, and better reaction time. It may improve the typing skills that can help you become more productive while you are at work.

Encourages other artistic activities

It may be possible that some painters started out painting with paint by number kit. Maybe it was their maiden experience with art. This technique of painting could reveal adoration for art that you were unaware of. Don’t be astonished if it leads to engaging in more thoughtful artistic activities. At the very least, paint by number painting will be fun and offer you a creative activity.

Allows to Express Yourself 

Famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was able to transform her disability into a work of art to elevate her real self rather than hide it to express in the same way she lived her life. She expressed her thoughts through her painting that nothing can obstruct the freedom of expression, inner strength if you are sincere. You are free to express your emotions, hopes, feelings, dreams, thoughts, and desires while painting.

Paint by Numbers develops imagination

You can go beyond the basics of paint by numbers kit and customize your artwork. Break the rules, express your taste by selecting your own colors, or go beyond the pre-drawn shapes and forms. When you create unique artwork, it will motivate you to develop your art skills.

DIY Paint by numbers benefits

Makes Art Accessible to Everyone

Many have a great love for art in this world but who feel as nevertheless, they’d never be able to create their own artwork. Instead of giving it a try, people give up on the idea and step down themselves to the fact they’ll only be an art admirer. But paint by numbers makes the art accessible to everyone, children and adults, skilled and novice, so it is a great way to get everyone involved with the procedure of creating art.

Promotes concentration

As we mentioned above, Paint by Numbers has a lot of psychological benefits. It promotes concentration by developing intellectual skills. Moreover, it helps to develop orderliness and creativity. It is irrefutably a perfect way to learn painting. It also helps to improve motor skills in kids and strengthen them in adults. The right and left hemispheres of the brain are stimulated with the painting. Painting requires concentration and with the painting, the brain hemispheres (right & left) are stimulated. The right hemisphere has to do with the emotions and creativity, while the left one is connected to the rational and logical aspects. So, it’s about letting the imagination fly even the deepest thoughts can breathe.

Benefits of paint by numbers for kids: 

Improve motor skills

Drawing, painting, and coloring even before being artistic activities, they are motor activities. Obviously, it doesn't seem to us, but for a child, holding a pencil and tracing a figure on a sheet of paper is a remarkable “gymnastics,” which engages him deeply, to coordinate the arm and hand in the right way. On the other hand, the same people who engage in art in old age have some difficulty in holding pencils and brushes in the right way, right? Here, the painting by numbers helps children coordinate their motor skills to develop the hands and wrists. And this will be a great advantage to learn how to write faster and easier!

Benefits of paint by numbers for kids

Encourage neurological development

The researchers tell us and we trust ourselves blindly that doing drawing and painting in childhood is a great way to encourage and stimulate new connections at the neural level and encourage neurological development at in early age for growth. The art will do a lot of good for the child's brain. 

More productivity

Considering what we have said up to this point, it should not be surprising that encouraging children to paint, giving them the accessories needed to do so can help them progress more easily at school. To prove it, if needed, there is a study published in the journal Early Childhood Research Quarterly (Volume 45) that shows how the performances of preschoolers who have followed art lessons and paint are better than those of their classmates, with benefits that go far beyond the artistic field. We used the term performance, but school is obviously not a race. What is certain is that our child will be facilitated in learning and carrying out his tasks if we help him develop his brain due to art.

Painting to give vent to the emotions of a child

In recent years, anti-stress coloring books for adults have started to become popular. The basic concept is simple: coloring or painting is an activity that helps vent to one's emotions. This mechanism also works for children, who, by coloring or painting, can perhaps get rid of the stress accumulated during the day. Alas, children also build up stress, for example, after a day of kindergarten, or later after a particularly heavy day at school.

benefits of paint by numbers for kids

The love of art can have deep roots.

Undoubtedly, the passion for art and culture is a gift that helps to face life in a better way. According to the study by Arts Council of England, children who are exposed to art from an early age are more likely to develop a solid passion for culture throughout their lives, especially if encouraged to draw, color, and to paint in early age.


Benefits of painting by number kits

If you are being guided by the numbers, the numbers drawn on the canvas are guiding you in a non-conformist and relaxing way. Remember, there is always room to express your inner feeling and desires at the end. It all depends on whether you dare to take action or not. All you need to believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take your first flight, do experiments, and find your own artistic style.