Paint By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Paint By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Painting is undoubtedly a fun activity that comes with a dose of relaxation. Moreover, it helps you to explore an artist in yourself, especially when you use paint by numbers kits. Using these kits, you can paint artwork of the world’s renowned artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh yourself. If you want to paint a professional painting or want to be an artist, it’s never too late; you can start painting like artists with paint by number kits. Although you can paint everything you want using these kits, it will take some time to get creative with your projects and hone your skills. Don’t fret, the below paint by numbers tips will definitely help you feel brave enough to show your creative side and build up courage to move from novice to creative painter. Furthermore, you can learn how to paint with ease with paint by number kit and cover all phases from preparation to presentation. 

Paint By Numbers Tips 

In these paint by number pro tips, you will learn how to finish your painting like a pro. Keep in mind these tips and tricks when you start your first paint by number painting. Let’s get into it!

Paint By Numbers Tips

1. Start in Descending Order

When you are starting your painting, keep in mind that starts it in descending order. It means you need to start work from the larger area and then paint to the smaller areas. This way, it will take less time and helps to prevent any fortuitous smudging.

Start from the top right corner of your painting canvas if you are left-handed. On the other hand, if you are right-handed, it is better to start from the top left corner of your canvas. This way, the risk of accidental smudging will be minimal.

 2. Darkest First

It is most important to use the darker color first in your painting canvas and then use the lighter one. This way, you can understand the colors’ composition and effect in a better way.

DIY Paint By Numbers Tips kits colours

3. Start from the Background

Prefer to start with darker colors and paint a single color at a time. Start from the background that will create an outline and give you a clear idea of the portrait you are going to paint. Then paint the smaller areas as soon as you finish it.
4. Use all brushes. 

The paint by number kit has different brushes, so don’t use one brush only. Use all the brushes from the kit for different elements and various parts of the canvas.

DIY Painting kits Brush

5. Matching the Number with Correct Color

It seems like the corresponding number with the correct color is an easy step, but it is important also. Paint all the areas that point towards the color in your hand while painting. In this way, there becomes the painting’s sequence, and it will lessen the confusion on how to use colors. Let it dry once you finished all the areas. Before moving towards the other parts, clean your brushes.

DIY Painting Tips

6. Try Not to Smudge

To avoid smudges, start from the top and continue towards the down on the canvas with your hand. This might take out of the painting’s natural flow, and you will end up with a neat piece of art without ruining it with your own hand.

7. Cover the numbers:
Of course, you don’t want to show the numbers on your painting when you look at it even if you don’t plan to hang it in your living room. If you want to make sure that the numbers don’t come through, then apply the double coat of paint, but it should be even. Keep in mind that before you go again, let the first coat dry and wait for a few minutes. Your painting will look a lot more professional when you can’t see any numbers’ hints.

8. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

The good thing about paint by numbers kit is that it comes with instructions about creating your own art of piece like a pro. You definitely need to follow them, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t break the rule to get creative.
Explore your artistic side, and do experiment with colors, try different brushes. You might come up with the best version that turned out better than the PBN kit recommended. And the final art of piece will have your personal touches to it that give you a feeling of creativeness.

9. Don't Overdo

Don’t use a huge amount of colors for each part of your painting canvas because the canvas may not absorb the excess colors well that may cause smudging.
10. Don’t switch the colors all the time. 

Stick with one color until all of this color’s elements are done. For instance, if you are using black color on your drawing’s canvas, finish the entire black element first.

DIY Paint By Numbers Tips

11. A Little Goes a Long Way
The most important technique for paint by numbers painting is that you should learn how much paint to put on the paintbrush. Don’t dunk the whole brush to start painting because this approach will not work. A small amount of paint on the paintbrush surprisingly works well. Dip the tip of the brush and check how much it’s able to cover.
12. Make It Pop
When you have finished your PBN art of the piece, you might feel there is something still missing. Even the professional artists perhaps were not entirely happy with their artwork until it was hung on the wall; the same goes for you. The most important part of the PBN process is what to do with your painting once you have finished. You need to take some time, learn some advanced techniques, make it pop, and frame your artwork to admire what you created.
13. Take a Break

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to finish it in one go. You can complete it in parts, and you will definitely enjoy it every time. Don't be rushed; if you are feeling like it is taking more time, don’t fret, tell yourself that Leonardo Da Vinci took seven years to complete his renowned painting Mona Lisa.

Insider tips:

--> Go one number at a time.

You can keep the paint moist and fresh if you close the pods between the strokes, and you paint one number at the same time.

DIY Painting By Numbers Tips

--> Choice of a Workplace

The peaceful place is the best choice when it comes to choosing the workplace to paint because you can focus in a better way, and it helps to concentrate on the painting’s theme. 

--> Wash the Brushes

Once you complete one part and going to paint the other part, don’t forget to wash your brush first. Start the new part with a washed brush. This way, you can get the fresh and original texture as it has no mixed color with it.
Use a few drops of water.

Painting By Numbers Tips and Tricks

It is suggested that you don’t use the color on your painting canvas directly because the paint is thicker. Instead, add a few drops of water to make its consistency before applying the paint on the canvas.
--> Use Wet piece of Cloth rather than a paper towel

As you know, you need to clean your brushes more often while painting, don’t use the paper towel to clean them. Instead, use the wet piece of cloth because paper towel wears off hastily opposed to wet piece of cloth. Also, it will help to remove the paint’s residuals from the paintbrush effectively.

--> Art of blurring

If you are new and don’t know how to give the corners or background of a picture a blurry look, you can do it by stroking the painted color over the other color using the dry and clean brush or using fingers on the canvas.

--> Use a magnifying glass

If you find the numbers to be small, then use the magnifying glass to see them easily. The magnifying glass doesn’t let you ignore the tiny spaces and make your final artwork more detailed.

DIY Paint By Number Tips

--> Keep your painting mobile and sturdy

You can mount your canvas on the foam board to keep your painting mobile and sturdy. You can do your painting anywhere once you have clipped and taped your painting to the foam board.

--> Have Fun

Follow the above tips and tricks, but take it easy. Don’t make it frustrated for you; instead, come up with new ideas. Believe in yourself, have fun, and be creative with your canvas. You can learn, relax, and teach with our paint by number kits.

Bottom Line:
All the paint by number of tips will not work until you not physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to paint. Ignite your passion for art and feel the first stroke-like a feather on your nerve. Play with colors and blend your emotions with them, then you can do a painting like a pro. So, are you ready to unleash your potential and create your first paint by numbers artwork? Let us know in the comment box!